Friday, March 18, 2011

...Coming to Lithuania....

It was really wonderful coming to Lithuania...As i landed in Vilnius, the capital, and walked to the Baggage just felt nice to be in a rather smaller Airport more warmer, than the gigantic Frankfurt Airport which can be very cold, like a machine ..There was hardly any security..people were more smiling...As i picked up my Baggage and came out i saw quite the usual expressions on people's face of surprise, awe and mystery at seeing a man with beard and long hair in complete white. Especially when i am not wearing much warm clothes and other are wearing so many layers including big jackets..(no wonder GURUJI calls me Polar Bear)..

As i came out my eyes starting searing for some familiar faces...or rather i should say some familiar smiles or 'JAI GURU DEV'...I didn't know i was being subjected to a test by the two teachers, Jurga and Aukse, who had come to pick me up for a further 300 km drive to Palanga (city where the Adv Course was being hosted).
I just saw these two persons huddled together looking at me and also at others (not wanting to reveal who they were), but somehow (sounds blue starish) i straight away approached them and said Jai Guru Dev....well that broke the ice and they broke into laughter...i passed the test of recognizing them...(what to say, what not we have to go through!!!! ahahahaha)
then we went straight to the Car ..loaded up...and on the road again to Palanga.

When i heard the name of the city where the Course was...i coudnt stop laughing ....Jurga and Aukse were bewildered...well !! Palanga in Hindi means a Bed. So it felt like going to "Bed" for an Advance Course...hahahhhaha....well seemed more funny for the fact that we shall be resting in Vertical position for the next 5 days with 140 people...

Like most road trips are ...this was no different...except the fact that some people clicked our smiling (mine probably sleeping) pictures with a nice camera, zooming on the highway...well someone will get a mail for speeding!!!!

Palanga!!!, was really nice city..a small resort town on the Baltic Sea...
Yeaaah!!! here i come...for a nice, beautiful and sweet Advance Program with very warm Lithuanians...different than the German people (who dont like others to see their know what i mean). Some people just smile less!!! what to do?1!...
But not Lithuanians, they are very warm and smiling...

More next time!!

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  1. Hahahahaha... :)) Palanga..
    Sorry, but i couldnt stop smiling when i read Polar bear :))

    Thats sooooooo cute :))))

    Cant wait to have you back in the Netherlands again and to read your next post :))

    Love You Swami ji :))