Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Bangalore Ashram

woooooooow...its really amazing to see our most beautiful home. it really is heaven. the moment one enters one feels at home. the people are friendly and loving. the environment is just toooooooo gooooooood. and above all being with GURUJI...there is no words to describe. Being with Him is like being satiated and content, ek bahut gehari shaanti mehsoos hoti hei, as if the thirst of the desert is quenched after years and years of drought by heavy downpour...the gods are happy. When one walks from Old ashram to the new part of the ashram....one sees so many dew drops on all the flower and leaves all along the path...the nature is alive...the ashram is alive...(i might sound like a bluestar) but its really really amazing and magnificent...o man...one should be here...just be here...in HIS presence....woooooow