Thursday, August 5, 2010

Panama - The Journey Begins

I checked-in at the Montreal Airport at 5:45 was incredible to see the lines of people even at that hour. Some were traveling and some others had just come to say Asta La Vista...The airport was a mixture of just waking up to the new day, yet there was some frenzy at the Mexicana Counter...with everyone wanting to just Check-in and Relax at the Boarding Gate. I was no different....wanted to just sit and close my eyes alone at the Boarding Gate...

Once I checked-in and went through the security, the whole airport seemed quite deserted...not too many flights. I thought to myself..."Ok time to catch up with sleep". So when I reached the Boarding Gate, I just sat there and closed my eyes.

I was startled by a very strong French voice announcing the Boarding time and I reluctantly, like a child going to school in the morning, dragged my Black Bag to the plane, found my seat and just sat and closed my eyes...The Journey was pretty smooth, other than the occasional shakes of the planes and the air hostess wanting to serve food or drinks En Espanol.

My flight till Mexico City was nice....but the whole idea of connecting to another flight with a 3 hour gap at the airport was not very pleasant. I was soooo hungry. Didn’t eat much in the flight and interestingly could find nothing at the airport to eat...Guess us vegetarians have to either include chicken as vegetable in our dictionary and diet or Lobby strongly for nice fresh Vegetable Sandwiches or Fries or just any and I repeat any vegetarian food to be made available at the airport for long haul passengers...

Anyway as GURUJI says "the only thing permanent on this universe is CHANGE", well it happened to me also. The time changed and moved and I found myself in the plane again for another 4 hrs of flying to Panama...One consolation was at least I would get a hot meal on arrival before going for the TTC in Panama (I hope I would be able to show my cheerfulness to my hosts and look dispassionate towards the nice warm food when I arrive).

As I came out of the Airport, I was greeted by Familiar faces of the Art of living teachers and devotees. It was nice to see the smiles of the people there (the warmth already greeted me in the garb of the weather. Very warm and humid. O Canada...where are you.... the land of Coolness)

And then it happened, the drama, which we (in Art of Living) are so used to. I have a name for it – Non-Stop Entertainment.

The Person, who had come to pick me up, could not open the door of the car. Somehow the keys would not work. The person checked and checked again...then went to the back of the car to read the number plates VOIALA, it is my car, not somebody else's. So why it’s not opening....kept trying every door...even the trunk and it would not open. And I am thinking woooooow....been flying since 5:30 am this morning ...and I am this close to the Warm Warm mind says noooooooo....please GURUJI let this car door work... I want to shower, want to rest, want to eat and go see my Beautiful TTC participants...and VOIALA like magic the car opens (now don’t call me a blue star, at least not now. U will get plenty of opportunities later).

Thank god we reached the hotel. Took shower, ate a nice warm meal, wooooow....and as I started to go towards the elevator, I could already hear the sweet sound of the Satsang...
The Door opened and got in to the elevator and was so anxious to see the TTC group. Sometimes these elevators seem to take millenniums to move just a few floors. At last it reached and opened.

I was greeted with a deafening sound of Joy and Celebrations....

The rest next time.......
Asta La Vista

Friday, July 30, 2010

Latin America, Here I come!

Jai Guru Dev,

Hi All,

The adventure begins.  I'm going to Panama tomorrow and I'll be posting some nice stories from there - live and exclusive.  Also, the next few months, I'll be travelling to Central America, so there'll be some spicy news from that part of the world as well.

Wait for the upcoming updates...

Take a deep breath in and keep holding it... till the next post!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Guru Poornima

It all started with me rushing to Guruji's room as soon as I got ready and when I entered his meeting room, there were already a few people waiting to have his Darshan.  The room was very quiet.  All of us were just whispering and wondering when will He come out.  Slowly the room started getting filled up with more and more people walking in.  After a while, His bedroom door opened and here comes out our Guruji ever so fresh in a sparkling dress with a beautiful smile and a comb in his hand.  He just sat in his seat and people started offering their gratitude and Pranams, and he looked into everybody eyes as if showering His blessings and love just by that look.  Then Bhanu Didi lit a lamp and did Aarti and we started singing bhajans and the number of people started swelling more and more.  It was a very beautiful yet emotional time.

From there we went on to the meditation hall where 5,000 people were waiting to have his Darshan.  As me and Swami Pragyapadji took our respective seats, Bhanu Didi and the rest of the singers started churning out one beautiful bhajans after another.  The whole hall, with more than 5,000 people, was thundering with celebration.  That is the time that Pragyapadji and I were invited to speak a few words and address the audience.  I just couldn't say anything, the only thing that came to my mind was the song "Raanjha Raanjha".  Then, Pragyapadji also spoke a few words and really touched everybody's heart.

As we continued to sing, the doors opened and the whole hall went into a roar as Guruji walked in.  And as He sat down, after the bhajans to start Guru Puja, the contrast was deafening - there was complete silence.  Everybody was glued to Him, waiting for His next move and as He started singing the Guru Puja the whole hall followed.  As one wave after another reaches the sandy shores and moves back into the ocean, the wave of devotion of the devotees touched the feet of Guruji and dissolved back into Him.  It was one of the most fulfilling and beautiful days of my life. and I really felt very grateful and honored to be in His presence.

Only one thought came to my mind, like a prayer: "My dearest Guruji, just keep me near Your feet and in Your heart always."  Jai Guru Dev.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Bangalore Ashram

woooooooow...its really amazing to see our most beautiful home. it really is heaven. the moment one enters one feels at home. the people are friendly and loving. the environment is just toooooooo gooooooood. and above all being with GURUJI...there is no words to describe. Being with Him is like being satiated and content, ek bahut gehari shaanti mehsoos hoti hei, as if the thirst of the desert is quenched after years and years of drought by heavy downpour...the gods are happy. When one walks from Old ashram to the new part of the sees so many dew drops on all the flower and leaves all along the path...the nature is alive...the ashram is alive...(i might sound like a bluestar) but its really really amazing and magnificent...o should be here...just be HIS presence....woooooow