Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Guru Poornima

It all started with me rushing to Guruji's room as soon as I got ready and when I entered his meeting room, there were already a few people waiting to have his Darshan.  The room was very quiet.  All of us were just whispering and wondering when will He come out.  Slowly the room started getting filled up with more and more people walking in.  After a while, His bedroom door opened and here comes out our Guruji ever so fresh in a sparkling dress with a beautiful smile and a comb in his hand.  He just sat in his seat and people started offering their gratitude and Pranams, and he looked into everybody eyes as if showering His blessings and love just by that look.  Then Bhanu Didi lit a lamp and did Aarti and we started singing bhajans and the number of people started swelling more and more.  It was a very beautiful yet emotional time.

From there we went on to the meditation hall where 5,000 people were waiting to have his Darshan.  As me and Swami Pragyapadji took our respective seats, Bhanu Didi and the rest of the singers started churning out one beautiful bhajans after another.  The whole hall, with more than 5,000 people, was thundering with celebration.  That is the time that Pragyapadji and I were invited to speak a few words and address the audience.  I just couldn't say anything, the only thing that came to my mind was the song "Raanjha Raanjha".  Then, Pragyapadji also spoke a few words and really touched everybody's heart.

As we continued to sing, the doors opened and the whole hall went into a roar as Guruji walked in.  And as He sat down, after the bhajans to start Guru Puja, the contrast was deafening - there was complete silence.  Everybody was glued to Him, waiting for His next move and as He started singing the Guru Puja the whole hall followed.  As one wave after another reaches the sandy shores and moves back into the ocean, the wave of devotion of the devotees touched the feet of Guruji and dissolved back into Him.  It was one of the most fulfilling and beautiful days of my life. and I really felt very grateful and honored to be in His presence.

Only one thought came to my mind, like a prayer: "My dearest Guruji, just keep me near Your feet and in Your heart always."  Jai Guru Dev.


  1. Jai Gurudev,

    It was a day filled with Grace and devotion. I loved your "Raanjha Raanjha", i had goosebumps listening to you.

    Like i told you when you wanted your chairs moved to better see Guruji, all we need to do is close our eyes and he is there.


  2. Dearest SwamiJi,

    It was so good to see you in Hartford and read this blog

    A question – what does “Ranjha Ranjha” mean?


  3. Swamiji, what a beautiful song you sang. 5,000 people in complete silence just listening... the thought of it brings me back :)

  4. I am your first commenter. So beautiful to see you share.. Was wonderful to spend time with you again in Hartford,CT. See you soon.. meanwhile I will be looking up this blog for regular updates and spreading the word around among your many other ardent fans like me. Lot's and lots of love.

  5. Beautiful....!!! More often i feel that "Gratefulness" n "Gratitude" are too small words to express our love for the Master...

    As Kabir has said " Sab Dharti Kagaz Karu,Lekhan Ban Raye.Sath Samundra Ki Mas Karu,Guru Gun Likha Na Jaye"...."Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper with all the big trees made into pens and if the entire water in the seven oceans are transformed into writing ink, even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written। So much is the greatness of the Guru !!!"...

    Salutations to my Guru: Vandana Daftari

  6. kids were distracting me at the back of the room :)